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welcome, new year and new blog

December 31, 2009

i thought i’d celebrate the arrival of 2010 and the birth of my new blog by posting instructions on how to make one of my favourite recent projects. i love staring into the terrarium on my windowsill on a drizzly, frigid grey toronto day.

…and it’s really not that hard to make.

start with a jar with a lid. i got a nice big one in new york at target (when canadians will be blessed with one, who knows). they have really nice apothecary jars, cotton ball jars, cookie jars, etc. in all sizes – or hit value village or sal’s army, where they always seem to have a bunch. it just has to have a fitted top to keep moisture in if you’re going to use a plant that requires being moist.
the target jar

this video tutorial was basically what i followed…

…but i found a covered jar was a lot better for the plants i used. f.y.i., i used a moss and an ordinary hardy fern (i had used maidenhair ferns in the past but they got pretty rotten too quickly). i basically tried different plants that require moisture and low to medium light and have had the current ones survive for the longest time. i also threw in a couple of rocks, my tiny buck and a very teeny st. francis (protector of animals).

i love my terrarium.

my windowsill terrarium!

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