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my version of sarah’s panel

February 17, 2010

thank you so much to sarah and her snowflake tutorial !! it takes a lot for me to stay up past my bedtime (11pm, i’m 35) – but i had to dive in and actually finish this last night.

we are unrestrained recyclers at our place, so there never seems to be enough paper lying around, so i used a nice big piece of *strong* japanese paper that was buried in my collection that never seems to get used. it has nice threads running through it for strength so i think it helped with the delicacy.

our front hallway is a pretty grim entrance on the nicest of days, so i wanted to hang it there.

luckily, there was this grotesque/ripped fabric roman shade from the previous tenant that actually came in handy. after taking it down, i cut off the cloth pieces and strings and had just the wooden top piece (and the bottom dowel) left over. i think otherwise, it could be a bit tricky to hang stiffly.

next, i cut out enough shapes (floral-type) to cover the area of the window (about 24″ long) with scissors and x-acto knife and glued them with a glue stick. they sort of stuck to my work surface a bit, but i managed to keep it moving.

after drying and making sure it was all in one piece:

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  1. February 17, 2010 6:39 pm

    i love it!! 😉

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